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In addition to brushing and flossing a biannual dental check up is absolutely essential if you want to keep your teeth for life. A check up will include professional tooth cleaning and we can catch small cavities before they start to hurt.

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If you're suffering from extreme dental

discomfort don't hesitate to come in for

emergency treatment. An abscessed tooth

can cause infections that spread into the jaw

and further, complicating treatment and

causing dangerous repercussions.

Walk-in emergencies

Our top of the line radiography equipment allows us to offer our patients the lowest possible radiation exposure while still getting clear pictures. We can find cavities as soon as they appear, while they are still easy to treat.


State-of-the-art digital x-rays

When it comes to keeping your teeth strong and healthy your standard brush and floss can

only go so far. A professional cleaning will get all those hard to reach spots where plaque can build up.

Comprehensive teeth cleaning

Keep your teeth healthy and strong