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With cosmetic dentistry from L. Hunter Nash DDS, Southern Arizona Dental anyone can get the picture perfect smile that you have always wanted. Whether you just need instant whitening treatments for a wedding or long term straightening we have a solution for you.


Call for an appointment today and get the smile of your dreams.


Whether you've suffered facial trauma or just have a poorly developed jaw structure Dr. Nash and the team at Southern Arizona Dental can correct almost any problem. Whether you need impacted and infected teeth removed or your jaw entirely reshaped we have a procedure for you.

Oral surgery

A modern alternative to partial dentures, dental implants have the advantage of look and feel like natural teeth. Each implant is individually shaped and sculpted to match the teeth around it and will pass for natural even under close inspection.

Dental implants

From extracting bad teeth to high quality ceramic dental implants Dr. Nash, Southern Arizona Dental is your ticket to the smile of your dreams.

Change your smile and your life

Get the smile you've always wanted